Delivery of the equipment from the CIS

Equipment from the CIS

  • Rubber conveyor belts, hoses and rubber products for industry – for the
    production of cement, for the coal industry, for metallurgy and mineral
    processing plants, for the oil and gas industry, for construction, for
    agriculture ;

  • Conveyors for all types of industry, including terrestrial / underground, as
    well as tropical / arctic: belt, disk, auger, retractable, scrapers, elevators,
    vertical loaders, closed, stationary, moving, mining, terrestrial , figure
    editors, pneumotransport, other types of conveyors ;

  • Non-typical cargo equipment: bunders, crushers, screeners / cleaners,
    metal structures, pipe conveyors ;

  • Spare parts and rollers: straight, damping, centering, deflector, etc .; roller
    supports: straight, grooved, centering, damping, reinforced, etc .; drums:
    different modifications for different purposes; spare parts according to the drawing of the contracting authority ;

  • AC UPS; DC UPS; Electric charging stations for electric vehicles with a
    capacity of 22 to 180 kW; Diode lighting; Rechargeable batteries ;

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles with power from 22 to 180 kW.